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Weird/Unusual Scholarships

Weird/Unusual Scholarships Unlike traditional scholarships, where the pool of applicants is large, unconventional scholarships, such as possessing the name Zolp, are necessary. There are several crazy, unique, and simply bizarre

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Environment Scholarships

Environment Scholarships Opportunities  Scholarships are available to high school seniors for a wide range of green hobbies or projects, with money available to students ranging from sustainable agricultural to typical

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Online Scholarships Opportunities

Online Scholarship Opportunities  There are several online scholarship possibilities, these scholarship opportunities are designed exclusively for students who take classes online. Technological advancements and increased Internet connectivity have altered the

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Largest Dollar Amount Scholarships

Largest Dollar Amount Scholarships While it appears that most scholarships are worth only $1,000 to $2,000, there are those that are significantly more valuable. Numerous scholarship prizes are more valuable,

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College Grants for Women

College Grants for Women Cost is a significant obstacle for many women to obtain a college degree. Still, a college education is crucial to success in any career. College grants

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