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Scholarships for African Americans

Scholarships for African Americans

Whilst affordability can be a great source of stress for the majority of college students, unfortunately there is a marked reduction in the financial support that Black and African Americans receive. 

Continuing your education to a higher degree in the U.S. can greatly expand your work opportunities, and fortunately there are scholarship opportunities available for Black and African American students to do this. Below we have listed some scholarships for college student opportunities, alongside scholarships for high school seniors.

Ron Brown Scholar Program

This scholarship for highschool seniors is designed for advancing the education of intellectually gifted and community-minded African Americans. The program awards $40,000 ($10,000 per academic year) annually to the most economically-challenged and talented highschool seniors who display a strong interest in global citizenship, business entrepreneurship, community engagement and public service. 

The program is not limited to specific disciplines and awardees may attend any accredited four-year university or college of their choice within the U.S. To apply, you must meet the below criteria: 
Must be Black/African American

  • Must excel academically
  • Must exhibit exceptional leadership potential
  • Must participate in community service activities
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be a US citizen or hold a permanent resident visa card
  • Be a current highschool senior at the time of your application Please note, current college students are not eligible to apply.

Applications are open annually from September to January (early application deadline is November 1st). More information can be found here

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship for highschool seniors is one of the country’s elite scholarship and leadership development programs. The program awards up to $35,000 over a four-year period and also sponsors awardees to attend the JFR annual “Mentoring and Leadership Conference” in New York City, alongside other events throughout the year. Finally, it includes leadership and practical life skills training, career guidance, travel abroad, and internship and permanent job placement. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Be a graduating, minority highschool senior
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Present evidence of financial need
  • Demonstrate a record of academic excellence
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and a dedication to community service
  • Submit an official SAT and/or ACT test exam score from junior or senior year (the program recognizes the challenges of taking standardized tests during the COVID-19 pandemic; applicants who do not have test scores to submit will not be disadvantaged in the selection process).
  • Plan to attend an accredited and approved 4-year college within the U.S. or affiliated with a U.S. based college or university
  • Have not accrued more than 25% of credits needed to graduate from college

Applications open annually in September, and are due in January. More information can be found here

Black Philanthropy Bannister Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to establish social justice and to advance equity for Black and African American communities and is available for Black/African American highschool graduates and adult students in Rhode Island. 

The program is limited to those pursuing/advancing careers in healthcare at a college or technical school and awards $20,000 – 40,000. The program has no age, gender, or minimum GPA requirements, and it does not require proof of financial need. 

Applications opened in January 2023 and the deadline date is April 9th 2023. More information can be found here

EPP/MSI Undergraduate Program

This scholarship for college is designed for upcoming junior undergraduate students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields that directly support NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) mission. The program funds two years of undergraduate study and students must be attending Minority Serving Institutions as defined by the US Department of Education (Hispanic Serving Institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, Alaskan-Native Serving Institutions, and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions). Awardees will also complete research at a NOAA center during two paid summer internships. The program provides awards of up to $45,000 (including conference participation and travel) during the junior and senior years. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals 
  • Must be currently enrolled as a full-time second year student in a four-year academic program; or transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution; or a third year student in a five-year program
  • Studying a discipline related to NOAA’s programs and mission at an accredited minority serving institution (college or university within the United States or U.S. territories).
  • Must earn and maintain a minimum 3.2 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Applications are open annually from September to January. More information can be found here.  


National African American Scholars

The University of New Mexico has programs that provide financial support to students as they transition from highschool to college, and is open to both residents and non-residents of New Mexico. Awardees receive $14,000, which can be used to cover the academic year’s tuition and fees, which is renewable for up to four years as long as eligibility requirements are continually met. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria: 

  • Highschool seniors and undergraduate students
  • Any age
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA 
  • Any gender
  • Black/African American
  • To renew the scholarship, participants must complete 15 credit hours each semester in their entire academic year.

The deadline date for this program was February 1st 2023, with the next deadline date to be announced soon. More information can be found here


The Gates Scholarship

This scholarship for highschool seniors is designed for exceptional leaders from low-income households, with the aim of helping them reach their maximum potential. Awardees receive funding for all costs of attendance (tuition, room, board, books, transportation, and other personal costs) that are not funded by other means as determined by the awardee’s university. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria: 

  • Highschool senior
  • Any age
  • Minimum 3.3 GPA
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Any gender
  • Must be Alaskan Native, Asian American, Black, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander

Applications open July 15th 2023, and the deadline date is September 15th 2023. More information can be found here


UNCF/Best Buy Scholars Program for HBCU(s)

This scholarship for college prepares awardees for promising tech-reliant careers and helps reduce financial burdens. The program annually awards one student $20,000 to receive for up to two years of study. HBCU students of Bowie State University, Delaware State University, Howard University, North Carolina A&T State University, and Tuskegee University, Alabama are welcomed to apply if they require financial support to continue their studies. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Undergraduate student
  • Any age
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA 
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Any age
  • Black/African American

Applications open September 10th 2023, and the deadline date is October 29th. More information can be found here


Exelon HBCU Corporate Scholars Program

This scholarship for college is awarded to 24 students per year who are chosen for the Exelon HBCU Corporate Scholars Program, and also for helping in developing motivated young students who are keen to move to a sustainable energy future. Awardees will receive $25,000 which is renewable for three years, and will also have access to internship opportunities and career guidance. Undergraduate students must be attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). 

For further eligibility criteria, please see below:

  • Undergraduate student 
  • Any age
  • Minimum 2.8 GP
  • Must be residing in Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Any gender
  • Black/African American

Applications open October 1st 2023, and the deadline date is November 19th 2023. More information can be found here

Ben’s Original Seat at the Table Fund scholarship

This program supports underrepresented students in accessing opportunities in culinary arts and food science, with the ultimate goal of securing them good jobs within the industry. Participants must enroll and plan to attend an accredited facility that offers culinary arts and/or food science degrees. One awardee per year will receive $25,000 that will assist in paying their tuition. 

In order to apply, you must meet the below criteria:

  • Highschool senior or Undergraduate student 
  • Any age and gender 
  • Possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Have a demonstrated, unmet financial need.
  • Be a U.S. citizen, national, or a permanent resident.
  • Be admitted to and planning to attend an accredited institution that offers culinary arts and/or food science degrees/certificates.
  • Be interested in pursuing a degree/certificate in furtherance of a career in the food industry, such as chef, or culinary arts, food sciences, agriculture, nutrition/dietician, restaurant management, etc.
  • Black/African American

Applications open April 4th 2023 and close June 30th 2023. More information can be found here

FTE Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent

This program is designed to aid doctoral students of African descent who have already completed the coursework required for their program, and is organized and managed by the FTE, who inspire young people to make a difference through Christian communities. Annually, 16 students enrolled in an accredited academic institution within the U.S. or Canada receive $25,000. 

To apply, you must meet the below criteria: 

  • Doctoral students
  • Any age or gender 
  • Any GPA score 
  • Must be a citizen of Canada or the U.S, or a permanent resident in either country
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander

Applications opened January 9th 2023, and close February 15th 2023. More information can be found here


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If you need help writing your scholarship application, you need to know how to convince the scholarship program board that you deserve the scholarship. We have some tips here for you here and further assistance with the Essay writing and Application can be found by clicking this link.

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