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Nursing Scholarships


Discover The Nursing-Specific Scholarships for College That Will Launch Your Career in Healthcare.

Although a nursing career can be rewarding, it is also one of the priciest fields of study. Whether it’s a public or private nursing school, the tuition fee alone can strain your wallet. But with the proper scholarship for college, you can make your dream a reality without breaking the bank. 

According to recent data, students who earn an associate degree in nursing (ADN) graduate with an average debt of nearly $20,000, while those with a bachelor’s degree can owe upwards of $23,000.

Despite the high cost of education, the nursing field is projected to see significant growth in the coming years.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 6% increase in the number of registered and licensed practical nurses needed in the workforce by 2030. In other words, the future looks bright for registered nurses, with an estimated 203,200 job openings projected annually over the next decade.

To address this growing demand for skilled nurses, many organizations and foundations offer nursing-specific scholarship opportunities to help alleviate the financial burden of education. 

So, if you are a student considering a career in nursing, don’t let the cost of education deter you. With access to exemplary scholarships for high school seniors and scholarship opportunities for college students, you can make your dream of becoming a nurse a reality. 

Here are a few examples of nursing-specific scholarships you may consider applying for in 2023. Apply today, and take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the healthcare field.

1.   The American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship.

The Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship for college by the American Red Cross offers up to $3,000 in awards to cover tuition, books, and academic costs. This is an invaluable source of financial support for young students looking to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree.

The scholarship is named after the legendary nurse Jane Delano and is meant to encourage nurses to join forces with the American Red Cross.

You are eligible to apply if.

  • You are an American citizen.
  • You have volunteered or worked for the American Red Cross for five years.
  • You have enrolled in an accredited nursing program.
  • You have completed at least a year of college credits and have good academic standing.

More importantly, priority will be given to nursing student volunteers.

The application process is simple. Just submit the required documents and write an essay about how your education will contribute to the nursing profession. The paper is an integral part of the application, so make sure it highlights your qualifications and passion for the field.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! Apply for the American Red Cross Jane Delano Student Nurse Scholarship by, May 2021. It’s worth every effort, and the rewards are invaluable.

2.   The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses Foundation (AORN) Scholarship 

The (AORN) Foundation offers a fantastic non-renewable scholarship opportunity for high school seniors, college students, and young adults seeking to pursue a career in nursing. The program provides financial support for accredited undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students.

It is a combination of merit and need-based scholarships, requiring applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a financial need. The award amount varies from $500 to $2,500, which can cover the costs of tuition, books, and other allowable expenses.

If you’re considering applying for the AORN Scholarship, you must write an essay and personal statement expressing your interest and experience in perioperative/surgical nursing.

The application deadline is June 15, 2023, so start your application now and be on your way to achieving your professional dreams. 

3.   The Dar Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship.

For students needing financial assistance, the DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship for college provides the necessary funds to pursue your dreams in nursing school.

As a need-based grant that provides three students with a one-time award of $2,500, the grant makes a real difference in the lives of those selected. Helping them start, continue, or finish school. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime scholarship opportunity.

Applicants must be accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited nursing school and demonstrate financial need to be eligible. Applications must be submitted before January 31, 2023, including a transcript showing enrollment in a nursing program or a letter of acceptance into one.

4.  The Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarship

The Coursey Enterprises Scholarship for College Nursing Students is designed explicitly for first-year nursing students. It’s a scholarship opportunity that offers the winners a $250 award per semester. I.e., a $250 prize to a Registered Nurse (RN) and Practical Nurse (PN) student for each fall and spring semester in their first year. 

To apply, you must be a citizen of the United States, list your graduation date, and submit an essay outlining your goals and reasons for wanting to become a nurse.

The application deadline is December 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the fall semester.

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, apply today for the Coursey Enterprises Scholarship for College Nursing Students and take the first step towards a rewarding career in nursing.

5. The Foundation of The National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) General Scholarship.

The (FNSNA) General Scholarship opportunity is open to all nursing students in the US. It offers funding of up to $10,000 per academic year based on criteria established by the sponsor. 

This scholarship typically centers on a particular area of nursing. It could be a major in oncological or critical care within a particular year, then shift to emergency nursing, or a distinct subpopulation of the profession frequently neglected in the subsequent rolling.

Eligible applicants:

  • The applicant must be a US National or have US permanent resident status.
  • Must be currently enrolled and accepted in a state-sanctioned nursing program with a plan to pursue an associate/baccalaureate degree/diploma or a direct-entry master’s degree
  • Must be a student preparing for a nursing program.
  • Must be a student taking a minimum of six credits per semester
  • Must be an applicant with prior involvement in nursing school clubs or community health initiatives. (This is an added advantage.)
  • Must demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Must need financial aid.

Please be aware that the scholarship program for 2023 is no longer available. However, the 2024-2025 academic year application will be available from September 8, 2023, to January 26, 2024. 

To learn more, check out the official website.

6.   The Hurst Review Services Nursing AACN Scholarship.

The program awards two scholarships of $2,500 twice annually.

This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students pursuing a career in nursing in an AACN-accredited school. 

To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a professional nursing degree at an AACN school. They must also submit their applications before January 15 for the first slot or mid-July for the second slot. 

Interested students can fill out the application form on the Hurst Review Services website.

7.   HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

This incredible scholarship opportunity offers support for tuition and other educational expenses, as well as the chance to work at a Critical Shortage Facility (CSF) post-graduation.

To be considered, you must be:

  • A national or lawful permanent resident of the US.
  • Enrolled or accepted into a professional nursing program at an accredited school, 
  • Ready to begin classes by September 30. 

Additionally, you must not have any federal judgment liens, service commitments, or overdue federal debt. And you get bonus points if you can demonstrate financial need.

The deadline for the scholarship varies each year, but don’t worry – you can sign up on the official website to receive email notifications when the next scholarship cycle opens. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to jumpstart your nursing career and make a difference in your community.

Overcoming the Financial Burden.

Undoubtedly, becoming a nurse is costly, but scholarships can help. Organizations like the American Red Cross and the Daughters of the American Revolution offer scholarships for college and high school seniors specializing in nursing. 

These scholarships are based on merit, need, and volunteerism. They can help pay for tuition, books, and other academic expenses. So don’t let the cost of nursing school hold you back, apply for scholarships today and realize you dreams.

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