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International Students in the USA

Studying in the US is expensive and finding financial aid for international students at US universities is highly competitive and difficult. With the right attitude and information, you can find financial aid or scholarships for international students. According to WES.org, earning a degree at an American university often opens students up to higher-paying professional careers. If you are determined to study in the United States, do your research to find international organizations that can offer grants, scholarships, or other forms of financial assistance.

Are international students in the US financially supported? 

Yes, however, it can be difficult as funding opportunities from the federal government and US universities are often limited. Many scholarships are available only to US citizens. With many applicants competing for the same funding, there is a high demand for need or merit-based scholarships for students from different countries. But even during the pandemic, more than 1 million international students are studying in the United States, many of whom are financially supported. How do international students finance in the US? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular financial aid options available to international students at US universities.

Seeking help in your home country: 

Saudi Arabia (as an example), offer international scholarships to students wishing to attend college in the United States. Do you offer similar financial support programs?

Check with U.S. Universities: 

While it is difficult (but not impossible) to find U.S. universities that offer financial aid to international students, there are scholarships that fund international graduate studies in the U.S. Gold is much easier to find.

Don’t forget the US government: 

Most credit or assistance options require citizenship, but some may be subject to restrictions.
Start online and explore international student loan and scholarship options by starting locally and then expanding. Your community or city may have the perfect option for you. Check with your school and work with your advisor to see all scholarship and loan opportunities available to international students.

International Student Scholarships and Grants:

There are several websites that collect information about scholarships and loans for international students. Many of these digital databases are updated regularly and free of charge. Two excellent examples of sites that list grants and free loans are the Institute for International Education’s (IIE) American Education Grants site and International Scholarship.

International students can specify the rate they are looking for or return a generic price list based on their demographic information. Both sites let you enter where you’re from, where you want to study, and programs you’re interested in, and both sites return similar results.
For example, searching for computer science program scholarships in the United States for students from China returns over 500 results on both websites. Click on a result to see other useful information. In some cases, information can be requested directly from the organization or school providing assistance. Searches return the same results, but different searches may return different results. So be mindful if you can’t find an option that suits you. Many other grant and loan websites have listings offering partial or full financial assistance to international students attending US schools. Beware of sites that require you to pay to use their help database. Many third-party organizations have multiple websites that share the same database;

  • International Scholarships,
  • org,
  • International Students
  • International Student Loans

There are many private loan options available to international students which many of these are available aggregated on the same website where you can find scholarships. For example, if you search for International Scholarships, Loans will appear on the same results page as if you searched for Scholarships.

Most international lenders require a US co-signer (for example, a US citizen willing to repay the loan if you are unable to do so). Co-signatories are typically relatives. A parent or guardian who can prove they have the assets and/or income to repay the loan if necessary. US unsigned student loans are still available, but you may have to pay more interest in these cases as US lenders verify the loans higher risk.

Consider the following survey by International Fellowship. Please remember that the interest rates published below are intended to show the difference between co-signed loans and loans co-signed only by Americans.

Direct Financial Aid from Colleges
In the USA, If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in an undergraduate program, and wish to apply to your next university, you will find it more difficult to obtain financial aid.  This is because financial aid for graduate-level international students is easy to come by as most of the available money comes in the form of grants or scholarships given to students for their senior thesis as well as research.
The need or merit-based financial aid for international students at U.S. colleges is often difficult to obtain due to tight budgets and a highly competitive environment. 

 International Organizations
There are several international organizations that promote international education and diplomacy and provide scholarships and other forms of assistance to students. For example, the Fulbright International Student Program allows international students to study and study in the United States and provides nearly 4,000 scholarships each year to students like you who want to study in the USA. 

Obtaining Financial Aid from the US Government
In most cases, you can only obtain federal student loans from the USA.

In 6 quick steps, you can get matched with your local or international colleges and qualify for financial grants. This free service allows you to connect with colleges that match your interest in and receive Grant offers! Click here for more information.

Continuing your education to a higher degree in the U.S. can greatly expand your work opportunities, and fortunately there are scholarship opportunities available for International students to do this. If you need help writing your scholarship application, you need to know how to convince the scholarship program board that you deserve the scholarship. We have some tips here for you here.

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